Dedicated Server for your Hosting Needs

Available Locations - India, USA, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Affordable, Reliable, Powerful

All our bare metal dedicated servers are brand new Dell Servers with Intel CPU and SSD support

  • Quick deployment 24x7 support
  • 100% bare metal
  • 99.99% uptime SLA Guaranteed
  • Root Access
  • Multi location offerings
  • Premium Bandwidth and Network
  • Tier IV Datacenter
  • Security and Access Control
  • Backup Solution
  • Free CDN Setup

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will my server setup take?
    We usually deliver server within stipulated time frame based on the server configuration and basic installations to be finished within 6 to 12 working hours.
  • Will I get root access?
    Yes, we will provide root access to your dedicated server. Root access gives you all the necessary tools to make changes like creating, deleting or suspend your cPanel accounts. It gives you full control over all the aspects of the server.​
  • How Frequently are backups taken?
    Yes, we can configure backups on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. However, these backups for configured only for administrative purpose in case of server crash or data loss. It is recommended that you purchase backup in the form of Image backup or FTP backup. 10 GB Backup is provided or free with our Dedicated Server on a monthly basis.
  • Which Control Panel is provided with Dedicated Server?
    We provided following control Panels
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Parallel Plesk (10/100/1000/unlimited Domains - with/without PowerPack) - Web Admin, Web Host, and Web Pro Edition​
  • What do I get in fully Managed servers?
    With fully managed servers we provide complete server management. This server management includes managing operating system along with upgrades and management, monitoring of software updates, reboots, installations, hardware level issues fixing, network level problems and maintenance and security patches. However, we do not provide any support services to any third party tools and software.
  • Do you provide IPv6?
    Yes, We do offer IPv6 as well as IPv4 in India.
  • Choose a Reliable Dedicated Web Hosting Services in India

    IBEE Hosting offers a Dedicated Server Hosting solution for the website owner who requires full control over the resources and security. Our Dedicated Server Hosting package is fully designed to transform the business and expedite to next level. We are the premium provider of Dedicated Servers in Hyderabad and are in the process expanding operations through multiple cities- Mumbai and Delhi. Read more to know more.

    What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

    A Dedicated Hosting, Managed Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server Hosting service is a hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organization or a single purpose such as a website.

    Dedicated Web Hosting in India is renting a Server space and bandwidth to host the website and store the multiple files for the Website. It is not similar to Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting); the client has full access to server resource making it ideal for high-performance websites.

    Need of Dedicated Hosting in India

    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting in India. IBEE Hosting is the premium provider of Dedicated Hosting Server and Managed IT Services for the Large and Small Enterprises in India backing up the hosting solutions for startups, E-Commerce, Web Developers, System Integrators Media and Entertainment Industries.

    Dedicated Server Hosting improves website performance, data security and better control over computing resources. As the name, Dedicated Server suggests it is Dedicated to your business entity, and you can choose your hardware and allocation of resources.

    What do you get with IBEE Hosting’s Dedicated Servers?

    Dedicated Server ensures High performance, better control and security compliances for your business solution. Some benefits of choosing IBEE Hosting Web Hosting in India with Fully Managed Dedicated Server 24x7x365 include:

    • Customizable Network, Storage and Server Auto Scalability Facility
    • Data Control and DDOS protected plans
    • Reliability and Hardware Redundancy
    • Enterprise Level Solutions
    • Fully Managed Reengineered Proactive Support 24x7x365
    • FREE NAS Backups
    • FREE CDN and configuration support
    • Performance tuning and server optimization

    Looking for Dedicated Server Hosting?

    If you are feeling the requirement purchase a dedicated server, or you need some assistance regarding our dedicated server hosting solutions, dial +91 9652744233 or give a missed call on +91 9652744233 to talk to our dedicated server specialist. We will also be pleased to receive your inquiry through email at [email protected].