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Building A User Friendly Website

In order to make a user-friendly site for your company it’s vital to have a site deserving of their attention. There are several things you can do to make your site more appealing to visitors as well as position your company as the number one competitor in your field.

The ease-of-use inherent in your sites design represents its usability. This includes overall design, architecture, functionality and navigation. The goal is to make your site as intuitive as possible so that visitors will experience the best your company can offer.

The inherent look of a website has a strong influence on how easy the site is to use. When consumers see something messy or confusing it’s assumed that the service or product offered is also hard to use. Establishing standards like blue, underlined links, and top and side menu bars is a recognizable practice and users will feel comfortable navigating through the pages.

Since navigation is one of a website’s primary functions it’s important to provide users with obvious navigation systems. Linking to the next appropriate page at the end of an article is something that most users come to expect and if it’s not clear where to go for the next level of information most viewers will assume that there is nothing else to see.

In addition to making navigation an intuitive process it is important to make sure that all tools, scripts, images, links, etc., all function as intended. If a link doesn’t work once, it doesn’t often get a second chance.

Making your site functional and appealing to consumers is a difficult process that requires strategic planning and execution. Make sure that someone who understands the basic principles of functionality is working to improve your website. For assistance in determining the problems with and the potential for your current site consider working with an internet marketing company to streamline the process.
Source: EzineArticles