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Google Domains announced with Invitation code

Google announced its long pending project “Google Domains” today. As of now this works only for the users who have invitation codes to register or transfer a domain with Google Domains. Google as a registrar from long doesn’t want to get into mainstream domain and hosting business but after the ICANN added several domain extensions off-late Google want to get into this business seriously and applied for extensions like .Google etc and also become a registrar for many top selling and new extensions.

Google Domains

Now we have no idea on how Google Domains want to take into market, is it only website sales or through resellers which are already in the Google Apps ecosystem or using Google Domains referral programs and issuing Google domains promotion codes.

Google Domains features are promising but need lot of clarity like it mentioned here that it provides 100 free email addresses with the domain, so are they Google Apps for business IDs if so what will happen to the current business users who are paying hefty amount and what will happen to the reseller ecosystem. Is there a cap per user number of domains registration and getting email ids? It also mentions about integration with website builders, how Google domains is going to support with website development or building issues is not yet clear.