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Google Search Results Preview Option!

Google started to adopt positive points from Microsoft’s Bing.com search engine, Google.com recently started showing search results with preview option which is similar to the option bing.com is having for the search results. Bing will just give you less than 100 words of text where as Google is presenting the screen shot of the website which is more appropriate instead of showing only text, this may be a counter attack from Google for MFA(Made for Adsense) sites, now visitors will check whether the site is genuine or not and enter into it, so that the gap between clicks versus impressions increases and reduce the authority for the sites which don’t provide genuine content.

Here is the screen shot of how the preview pages looks like:

Google really get into the direct competition with Microsoft and both the companies having enough cash reserves to sustain for another 100 years. However due to this competition end users are able to enjoy the latest technology at free of cost. The only fear in the future with these technologies is PRIVACY. As both the companies started to record and analyse the users search patterns and behavior.