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How domain name trading business works?

You might have heard about people talking about earning millions on domain name sales like men.com etc. Do you want to know the exact details of this business and how it works? In this article i will discuss about the business model, selling tips and how much the domain name is really worth?

Domain name trading or domain selling business is somewhat similar to real estate business. You cannot expect the results in short term. Price of the Good Domain Name is as equal as an Office space in Mumbai. This will help you to understand the domain business for optimum results. Good business place in real estate business varies by location, in domain names also price varies by TLDs like .com, .net etc. however .com will have high value rather than any other extensions. Other factors are the quality of the construction, landscape in real estate, similarly you need to check for the appraisals of the domain name.

Domain Name appraisals can be done by third party appraisal companies like sedo.com etc. and you can also do it by spending some time on researching in the areas like Traffic, Reputation, PageRank, backlinks and content. Most of this business depends on catching the expired domain names of a reputed companies or spell error domain names of a reputed organizations which has huge traffic. Some register the domain names of the reputed companies with newly released extensions.

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