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Unlimited Hosting Space means Customer Cheating?

You might have heard many times about Unlimited Hosting space offers. Most of the foreign companies and some of the indian companies are now selling this unlimited hosting packages. Even IBEE has got some requests from our existing customers asking to introduce unlimited packages during our last Customer satisfaction survey.

You might want to know the realistic scenario of this unlimited packages:

  1. There is no Hard Disk available with unlimited size to sell the space, even if you buy a 1 TB hard disk, the TOS from the vendor will be pretty clearly written stating that you cannot use more than 500 GB. Some companies may claim that they can attach a new hard disk to the server after they completely filled with the existing one and they don’t answer how will one server run backups every day or week of unlimited space. In this scenario the server will be very slow if they attach another drive and run automated backups in one server.
  2. You have to read the TOS and AUP before you buy any unlimited hosting package because they don’t allow you to host files not related to your business or domain name. doesn’t this looks funny? And they don’t allow you to use more than 10% of CPU usage per hour and like this so many restrictions.
  3. Some unlimited hosting companies will even restrict the number of files hosted on your account. you need to make sure you check the TOS before you buy this service.
  4. you can check the total disk space available in that server you are hosted by using this tool http://phpsysinfo.sourceforge.net/, this will give you information about server CPU, uptime, disk space and other important details.
  5. some unlimited hosting companies may limit the bandwidth to restrict user to use the unlimited space, without appropriate bandwidth you can’t do anything with disk space.
  6. Some companies might oversell their server space thinking that customer will not host those many domains under a reseller package and they think customer won’t be able to get that much business and host files with huge sizes. These companies servers are affected with lot of downtime and very slow in accessing the websites. Recently a web hosting company in India faced this problem and people wrote lot of bad reviews about them
  7. If you buy an unlimited plan from a host, lets say if you use 5GB for a website that has 30,000 uniques a day that consumes alot of cpu I can guarantee the host will suspend you even though you have only used minimum space of unlimited plan. So unlimited hosting packages will always have restrictions.

Hope i have given enough explanation about unlimited hosting and now readers might get an idea about how these unlimited hosting companies force their Marketing Gimmics to innocent customers. you need to go through their TOS and AUP before making a decision to buy unlimited hosting packages.

For example, companies like Google and Amazon are not giving unlimited hosting space even though they have world’s largest data centers. Google App Engine is a hosting package which google sells but they charges on basis of several components like per hour CPU usage, disk space, bandwidth usage etc.,

IBEE committed to limited packages but not the least space like 50 Mb or 100 MB, we offer maximum upto 5 GB packages and starting with 250 MB in shared hosting to give better hosting experience for our customers. We are working on cluster and grid computing technologies further to introduce much better hosting experience for our customers in 2010.