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What is Cluster Web Hosting?

To understand about Cluster Web Hosting, first you need to know what is Cluster computing. In this article i discuss about how to use cluster computing for Web hosting needs and increase the profits for web hosting companies.

Cluster Computing:
Cluster Computing means getting the large and complex computations done by using multiple computers or computational resources. In other words, It is a group of internally linked computers working together as a single computer. All the computers or computational resources may or may not be connected through LAN. Clusters are used mostly for enhancing the performance and scalability for a single computer and it is a cost-effective solution. In other terms it can used for Load Balancing and High Availability with 99.99% uptime.

Different types of clusters are High Availbility clusters, Load Balancing clusters, Compute Clusters and Grid Computing. Clustering has been available since 1980’s, used for Mainframes. A typical example for a new age cluster is a Load Balancing cluster used for Huge Traffic website.

Using the Cluster technique in Web hosting, you can achieve the scalability, uptime and redundancy. You can use Load Balancing cluster technique for Shared Web Hosting servers to counter high need of CPU resources and disk space. By dividing the tasks performed by one server into multiple tasks and assigning each to one computational resource and managing all of them using open source projects like Linux HA; you can cluster the web hosting servers.

More information about how to use cluster computing for Web Hosting companies can be available at a request. Contact IBEE at 09949922500 or mail to [email protected] for more information.