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What is Google’s +1 Button?

Google took a great decision to compete with Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter. Google introducing +1 Button which is something in the similar lines of Facebook “Like” button. +1 Button will soon appear beside to search results and Google Adwords Advertisements. By clicking on this button, you can see how many of your friends liked this website/content/page, it will also inform to your friends if you share a link online.

+1 Button

This new feature is expected to be online in couple of months. Webmasters and publishers can add this button to their websites to promote their content/website socially same like Facebook Like option, The same feature is also available for advertisers on Google using Google Adwords program. Google informed that the data they gather using this feature will not influence the search results but they said that they will add this into search ranking factors in future. After the issue with Buzz privacy policies, Google is cautious in releasing its social media tools.

Here is the video explaining how this +1Button works: