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What is User-Centered Design Approach?

UCD methodology employs tools and techniques with “User” (Consumer) at the core of all solutions, the solutions are designed and developed as per User mindset rather than technologist mindset.

UCD methodology focuses on inclusive development by involving user group, and keeping the user at the core, the methodology encompasses the following:

User Research:

  • Usability
  • User Centred Solution Ideation
  • “Front-to-Back” solution design process
  • Leverage state-of-the-art UI technologies
  • Implement software engineering best practice for architectural excellence

Benefits for the User:

  • Visibility in
  • * User demands
    * User challenges
    * End-user perceptions
    * Usage pattern

  • Define software requirements matching user expectations
  • Quicker adoption by end users
  • Make software useful, popular and successful
  • Enable correct definition of back end systems
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and frameworks
  • Reduce rework and total cost of development

IBEE has expertise in developing UCD based solutions which enable us to reuse the assets, bring down the development cost and meet the customer’s time-to-market goals.

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