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All You Need to Know about Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting simply means the web hosting services that are running on a server that is working under a Linux operating system, so you do not need to stay confused over its description any more. Linux web hosting is mainly considered by the online business owners running either small or medium business in nature.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting

The main reason behind the consideration of Linux web hosting is that Linux web hosting costs a lot less as compared to other options such as Windows web hosting for instance. Now the question is that why is it cheaper? An open source software product is what Linux is and this is why it does not carries high licensing fees that other systems have associated with them; you can even download Linux operating system for free and use it without paying anything as ell. While on the other hand, if a web hosting service is offering windows web hosting, it would be expensive since they would be paying for the maintenance fees along with the softwares costs as well.

Linux web hosting carries a few good advantages with it such as being cheaper compared to windows, having support for MySQL databases and PHP scripts, and some of the hosts may also offer telnet accounts at a little or no additional cost as well. In many cases, Linux is said to be the winner when it comes to being secured compared to windows. This is the main reason to why programmers and web designers prefer Linux more. There are also many other customisation options and configurations available with Linux web hosting.

You can also expect a high uptime from a Linux web hosting service because the Linux operating systems are too stable. Another plus point is the Linux support for most of the scripting languages and web file types such as .htm, .html, .php, .pl, .xml, .asp, .shtml, and a few others as well. One thing you should know that a Linux web hosting is not compatible with any of the Microsoft technologies such ASP scripts for instance.

So when it comes to the comparison between Linux web hosting and windows web hosting, Linux web hosting is a lot cheaper but, windows web hosting does support ASP and if you pay some extra fee, then you can enjoy other services as well such as Cold Fusion, SQL server databases, and access databases.