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G Suite Business Promo Codes For USA, Canada, UK & Australia

Google recently started issuing promo codes for business plan users, this program is still available only for a selective countries like USA, Australia, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Ireland and Canada.

Get G Suite Promotion Code here

You get 20% discount on business plan when you apply the promotion code we are providing. As a partner of Google we are authorised to distribute and help G Suite users for on-boarding into this beautiful product. Here is the sample USA business code D3XF9L4J3CTT4Y7

Some FAQs on business code program:

Q. Do i get business plan code even if i have single user?
A. Yes, there is no limitation on number of users for getting discount using promotion code.

Q. Can i get additional discount if i purchase annual plan?
A. No, discount is 20% even for flexible or annual plan.

Q. Can i get discount when i upgrade my plan from basic to business plan?
A. Generally you don’t get discount when you upgrade your plan but if you put this up with Google they may convert your account to 14 day business plan trial and then you can apply discount while converting into paid account.

Q. Do you also provide coupon codes for basic plans?
A. Yes, you can get basic plan promo codes as well from us.

Q. Is promo codes work when i convert legacy Google apps account to G Suite?
A. Yes, they work on converting legacy accounts to G Suite.

Q. Does these discount codes expire?
A. Usually coupon codes we share will have a life of 6 months and after that they expire, you can get new coupons from us anytime.

Advantages of G Suite business plan:

  • Storage per user is unlimited
  • Google cloud search will allows users to search company files
  • You will have access to team drive features
  • Google Vault for archiving and eDiscovery
  • Better administrative controls