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What type of Support services do you provide?

You are probably too busy growing your business to focus on managing your server operations- until it is too late. You know the significance of data loss, security breaches and poor site performance that can negatively impact your business and lose sales. However, you may not have time or expertise to assure systems are monitored, secured and backed up 24/7/365.

We are here to help. With more than a decade having expertise in managing day to day server operations IBEE Hosting has been renowned for excellent support services. We assure that your systems are updated, data backed up and performing optimally.  We provide below- mentioned Server management services FREE of cost for its customers with its Dedicated server and VPS Hosting packages.

IBEE Hosting offers three types of Support Services; they are as follows:

  • Managed Hosting
  • Unmanaged Hosting
  • Semi Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

In our managed hosting services we provide support for every problem or task, emergency or routine. IBEE Hosting provided managed services which cover complete support services like handling hardware, operating system(OS) and basic configuration issues in the server. IBEE Hosting also takes care of load issues or sluggishness, primary website related issues, network related problems, failure of the server to restart, reboot.  We do take care of load issues or sluggishness, basic website related issues, network related problems, failure of the server to restart, hardware failure, package install via the package manager, basically named configuration for 1-2 domains, troubleshooting pre-existing configurations, basic task automation, basic firewall setup/troubleshooting and much more. We provide Managed services with our Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting packages without any fee.

Semi- Managed Hosting

In semi-managed hosting we assist with re-installs of the Operating System and the control panel, adding additional IP addresses, configuring firewall rules, kernel upgrades, DNS management, assistance with common problems, etc.

Unmanaged Hosting

In an Unmanaged Hosting environment, the entire server administration and the responsibilities of necessary configuration and administration/management of the server are the responsibility of the end user. Users need to have some knowledge in the management of server and the technical know-how of the servers. IBEE Hosting will be responsible for replacement of failed components, reboot servers, maintenance of network and keep the lights on. No software or installation support can be provided. You install security patches and fix the weird error messages, and you are responsible for installing everything but the OS.

IBEE Hosting provides the all the three types of mentioned server management support services with all its Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting plans.