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How to choose right domain name for your business?

In this article we discuss about the factors you need to consider before choosing any domain name for your business. Many people don’t consider thinking about choosing a domain name before they register a domain name due to lack of knowledge about the how domain names extensions are classified and their uses. Most of the people still think that a .com domain name have more value than any other extension but is that true? No, it is not true, Google and other search engines now started giving priority for local search results.

Here is how some of the extensions are classified as:

.com :- For business and commercial purposes
.net :- For Internet / networking / infrastructure companies
.org :- For Charity/ Not for profit kind of organizations
.in/.co.uk/.us :- For representing local business

Things to consider:

  • It is better if you go with a domain name that resembles your business or something that is similar or reflects to your product or services along with identity of your company name.
  • Make sure it is easy to remember and understand to the people where you are doing the business
  • Choose a .com extension if you have real global business or .in/.co.uk if you have a local business and most of your visitors are from that particular region.
  • Sometimes using numbers in the domain name will be better, for example go2india.com is more memorable than gotoindia.com
  • If .com domain is available, better register gTLDs of that domain name as well to ensure high rankings in local search results.
  • You can register a domain name for one to ten years period