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How To Get Free G Suite Accounts

Google have discontinued it’s free version of Google Apps for Business and renamed it as Google Apps for Work in 2014 later it got renamed to G Suite in October 2016. The phase out of Google Apps have started in 2012 when Google restricted maximum number of users per domain to 10 and slowly removed that option as well over the period.

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There are several resellers and web masters who are selling grand fathered domains publicly at 500 INR per user per year. Grand fathered domains are the domains that got Google Apps for Business approval at the initial launch at a range of 100 to 2000 users access. Taking this opportunity few partners and hosting companies of G Suite are trying to make some money by selling these account to innocent customers. Google recently detected this fraud and started deactivating those accounts that are not complying with G Suite terms and conditions.

After terminating these accounts there was an outrage among many customers and terminating leads to complete data loss, many hosting resellers and companies started migrating the data from free Google Apps or Free G Suite.

Google Apps or G Suite partners can offer free Google Apps for certain period and you can sign up here Also few resellers are offering 30 to 90 days trial based on the number of users, you either get a free trial or some discount of maximum 20% per user. You can also get 20% off G suite discount promo code from here.

Recently Google started showing only 14 day trial but if you are using grand fathered domain and trying to add additional secondary domain name then when you setup billing it is showing 30 day trial but capped to maximum of 50 users and it asks to contact support for more users.

If the account is more than 2000 users Google may offer a special discounted price for customers.