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Is it necessary to have Keywords in the domain name?

There are some of the factors that can help people to come to a decision on suitable domain name and will be helpful for individuals who are confused about keyword based domain names and domains names without keywords. These will be useful to people who are getting registered for a new domain name and trying to find a name to compete with other names existing which are listed in top results of the search engines.

There are a couple of strategies that can help an individual which are given below:

  1. The first method would be to choose domain names with branded words which can be easily remembered without having any keyword in the name.
  2. The second method would be to choose domain names strictly using the keywords

There is always a conflict between the choices of domain names with keywords or branded domain names because of the misconception that it is impossible to see success if the domain names do not have keywords, however breaking this myth there are several domain names like zynga, facebook, twitter and others which have reached the heights of success without having any keywords in their domain names.

The advantage of branded domain names is that they can be easily recalled whenever needed and the benefit of keyword based domain names is that there is every possibility that there might be a similarity between the keyword in domain name and business names. The most important factor which plays significant role in the domain names is that it is entirely up to the interest of the domain owner to decide on domain names and also the goals they plan to achieve through their website.

One disadvantage of having keywords in domain names is that there is every possibility that there might be n number of domain names with same keywords, hence it might be suggested to go with unique branded domain names. There are often complaints from the domain names registrars that keywords in domain names are giving more priority than branded names which might at times be a cause of trouble for individuals who desire to have unique domain names.

Hence measures are being taken to modify the algorithm creating equilibrium between branded domain names and keywords based domain names, also making efforts to nullify the rule specifying that the domain names need to have keywords for sure.