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Is article marketing suggestible as an SEO Strategy?

The general method followed in article marketing is that a content writer will write an article with a link provided at the bottom of the article with the expectation that there are other people out there who will duplicate their original content of the article which will result in the flow of links to their website.

However, the first that has to be noticed when it comes to republishing these articles is that only the sites which are not of better quality will choose to do so. Even if there are some better sites opting to go with rewriting of the original content, the quality of rewritten article will be degraded since there will be a limit on the number of words to be used while writing the article. This restriction on the article content will force the duplicator to limit their innovativeness and only duplicate the existing content instead of writing the original content or even at times the anchor text might be copied.

When someone looks for best quality of the business for their website, they would prefer to go with unique content that has natural links and social media marketing rather than article marketing which includes the person to go in search of article banks which readily provide huge collection of articles which can be rewritten and used as per the choice of the person.

Considering the search engines choices and general public demands it might come into notice that people do not greatly choose to go with article marketing as one of the best SEO strategy.