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Is WordPress Hosting different from Standard Web Hosting?

If you type WordPress Hosting in the Search engines, you will get many results displaying specialized WordPress Hosting but is it True? Is WordPress Hosting is so different from a Standard Web Hosting? Is there any specific expertise needed for WordPress Hosting? Why should i need to use WordPress? You will find the answers for these questions in this article.

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a leading Open Source Blogging engine where you can download and install it on your domain for blogging or you can create your own blog at WordPress.com, you blog at wordpress.com comes as a sub-domain, For Example ibeehosting.wordpress.com.

Why WordPress?
Most of the companies / Individuals use WordPress for Blogging. WordPress has different flavors for different needs, for Multi users Blogs like blog.co.in you can use WordPress Mu and WordPress recently launched BuddyPress for Social Networking needs. All these are Open Source and Free to use.

Do i need a specialty hosting provider for WordPress Hosting?
No, You don’t require any Specialty Hosting Provider for WordPress Hosting. You just need to have a MY SQL database and PHP in your existing Hosting package of your domain name. Additionally you might need other pre-requisites according to WordPress to install it, like 777 permissions etc. until you install it. These may be available by default with any Hosting Provider.

What is One Click Install for WordPress?
Many of the Hosting companies advertise that they provide Specialty WordPress Hosting and One Click Install for WordPress. Tools like Fantastico will make this happen, by just giving the folder name to load WordPress and a click you can install WordPress. Most of the hosting companies now a days provide Fantastico along with cPanel Control Panel in Linux Hosting.

Above are some of the facts about WordPress Hosting, You might not need any expertise or skill to install WordPress and start Blogging. Do not fall prey for the marketing gimmicks of some companies say they are WordPress Hosting Experts and charge you more.

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