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When will domain name gets deleted and available to register again?

Have you ever experienced your domain name expiry and get into the pending deletable status? Many of the customers forget to renew their domains in time and the domain names will expire and get into the grace period. Here in this article we discuss about the process of domain deletion or drop.

Here is the entire process or life cycle of a domain name:

  • When the domain name gets expired it enters into an on-hold period. The domain name owner is allowed to renew the domain at any point during this time frame and it depends on the registrar, the on-hold period can last anywhere between 1 and 45 days.
  • Next step is the grace period. The domain owner is still able to reclaim the domain during this time, but will usually pay a hefty recovery penalty or fee to do so. The grace period usually lasts 30 days, but again, this depends on the registrar.
  • After a domain name bows out of the grace period, the owner has no chance to re-register or re-acquire it. The domain is marked as pending deletion and will be available to the public for registration within 5 days.
  • At last the domain will be free to be registered by anyone through a domain name registrar.

If you are trying to catch the domain drops of other companies or individuals domains, you may want to use tools like deleteddomains.com.

However if you wish to register / renew / transfer your domain names just call IBEE at 1800-102-IBEE