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Why a website don’t get visitors even if it appears in search results?


Most of the SEO professionals and companies who hire them think, that they have done a good job when their website appears in top ten search results for desired keywords but the truth is, even if your website appears in top ten search results there is no guarantee that you get more visitors for your website, this is because of the user click through behavior and how user’s eye scan the search results page.

Golden Tirangle

According to the studies conducted by various UX statistical companies, the key location for the users eye on the Google search results page is like a triangle from the top left first result. This area is also referred as “Golden Triangle” in this area for most of the search queries you will see the results of top sponsored results, top organic results and for sometimes news results, shopping results, Google Places results for long tail keywords with location name in it.

Here is how the visibility reach for the top ten Google search results according to a survey conducted by Eye Tools:

Rank 1 – 100%
Rank 2 – 100%
Rank 3 – 100%
Rank 4 – 85%
Rank 5 – 60%
Rank 6 – 50%
Rank 7 – 50%
Rank 8 – 30%
Rank 9 – 30%
Rank 10 – 20%

If you observe the above rankings, top 3 positions have 100% click through rate (CTR) and for rank 3 and rank 6 the difference is almost 50%, so from this stats, you can understand that how users are accessing Google search results. If you see the image of Golden Triangle, you can observe that the Ads appearing on the right hand side having less impact, only the top one AD is getting more clicks, the difference between top sponsored ad and bottom is almost 90%, so it is better to be in first three places in sponsored listing as well to get more attention.

So instead of just being in top ten rankings, try to be in top three rankings for your desired keywords to achieve better results. For SEO Services contact us at +91-40-44254242 or mail to info@ibeesolutions.com