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Facebook Deals and Google Offers

Most of you might be knowing what is Groupon by now, Groupon is a group buying concept implemented successfully over web. Businesses can post their deals on Groupon to get more sales without any marketing efforts. Recently Google make an effort to acquire Groupon for an whooping amount of $6 Billion but Groupon rejected that offer.

Google might got hurt after the Groupon rejection and targeted Groupon directly, first they started with Panda volume II update, during this Google algorithm update most of the coupons, deals based websites lost their rankings drastically in Google search results and then they come up with Google Offers which is a much similar concept of Groupon.com, this program is currently in Beta and will be available soon into the market.

Facebook – the social media giant also got hurt by Groupon, as many of the facebook users logging into groupon using Facebook connect/login and doing transactions on Groupon, now Facebook also want to enter into this lucrative and high potential venture to offer deals and coupons to the existing Facebook users, they started Facebook Deals and partnered with some 11 companies like OpenTable, GiltCity and Home Run etc and offering deals.

We need to wait and see who will win this game, definitely Groupon has more advantage in this area. For more information on Social Media Marketing contact us at +91-40-44254242