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4 Important Marketing Tactics for Facebook

A recent Survey  has stated that nearly 75% of the promoters have been using social media in order to find more leads and close more deals which is only being possible with the use of social  networks. Further it also has been said that there is a huge increase in quality of time that is being spent on social media marketing also several business partnerships have been said to strengthen through various social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.,

It has become quite common these days for the business owners to use various types of social media for lead generation, who also have been considering them to be fast and trustable ways to gather information about the customers interested in their business. Facebook Marketing and Twitter marketing seem to have been making it big recently attracting larger firms to find the customers for their business development.

Anyone using Facebook will find it easy to come across methods that will increase the revenues which is generally done through the process where certain company has a fan page with couple of tabs that have been set up by default.

  • Post an ad with all the necessary details about the products available
  • Each product accompanied by “like” button that comes installed

This is all about promoting your business over Facebook, but are there any other techniques which will assist you in attracting 500 million active users on the social media to promote your firm over Facebook?

Yes, there are 4 significant tactics that have been in existence from awhile but are new to any individual or company which is ignorant of their presence or their method of usage. It is not entirely like everyone is unaware of these strategies but this is only to play our part in providing knowledge to people about the tactics that can or should be useful for the company promotion.

Below given are the techniques unknown to you until now which you will once you are done reading this:

1) Get Facebook Insights for your company website

Did you know that you could actually get the Facebook Insights which you might have normally noticed on your fan pages directly to your website?

It is one of the best methods to obtain data that is shared by people from your website, also the likes given to your products or pages by people and several other delights.

Its quite easy to setup these insights from facebook to your website.

  • Go to http://www.facebook.com/insights/
  • On the upper right hand corner click on the green “Insights for your Website” button which will cause a box to pop up
  • You simply have to enter the meta tag inside <head> tag of the site.

Facebook insights

After finishing this, go back to the insights page which will give a different view not entirely restricted to the fan page, it also has several other views Facebook provides related  to the information about your website like demographics of the number of people who have liked your page or clicked on the website etc.,

2) Facebook Comments

There might be people who actually wonder about the actual worth of these Facebook comments, well the facts actually are:

Facebook comment

  • There are larger number of people out there who actually are attentive to your comments and read them.
  • Redirecting comments: Though the comments are replied to in Facebook they will also show up in your website adding them to your official or technical website giving credit to your site.
  • Spam Cutoff: Facebook actually has information about the person commenting on your account, so there will be cut off in the spam since the individual needs to be logged in Facebook to be capable of commenting so there will be no possibility that an anonymous person could do so.
Update on wall
  • Genuine persons who do not have an account can also be given various other means to provide their piece of information by directly commenting on the official website.
  • Facebook facilitates the individuals to easily modify the comments that can either include edit, ban or subscribing themselves to the feed.
Redirecting comments

3) Local Business Listing

  • Facebook at times has listings of certain local business owners which might be annoying until and unless the actual worth is known, these existing pages can be an added  advantage to you.
  • They will help in increasing your brand name rankings, these preexisting pages can actually assist you in taking over the Search Engine results page for your firm name.
  • The only draw back with these listings is that any person will be able to modify the data hence it is suggested to check the page often.
  • Facebook is trying to update information on these pages by providing pop ups for people to edit where there is again a possibility for wrong information to be entered.
Business listings

4) Facepile

It is plug-in that displays photos of people who have liked your website especially your friends and will work only when you are logged into Facebook. Further this can be added to conversion pages which can influence individuals to sign up or purchase anything after they see their friends faces smiling up who have been using these products or website.


Now that the strategies are put forward it is entirely your call to decide how best they can be used to give effective results.

Source: SEOMOZ