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Google Search Results Preview Option!

Google started to adopt positive points from Microsoft’s Bing.com search engine, Google.com recently started showing search results with preview option which is similar to the option bing.com is having for the search results. Bing will just give you less than 100 words of text where as Google is presenting the screen shot of the website which is more appropriate instead of showing only text, this may be a counter attack from Google for MFA(Made for Adsense) sites, now visitors will check whether the site is genuine or not and enter into it, so that the gap between clicks versus impressions increases and reduce the authority for the sites which don’t provide genuine content.

Here is the screen shot of how the preview pages looks like:

Google really get into the direct competition with Microsoft and both the companies having enough cash reserves to sustain for another 100 years. However due to this competition end users are able to enjoy the latest technology at free of cost. The only fear in the future with these technologies is PRIVACY. As both the companies started to record and analyse the users search patterns and behavior.


Our stall at TIE- ISB Connect

We have participated by putting up our stall in TIE-ISB Connect 2010.


How to appear in Google’s real time search results?

Since last 6 months, Google incorporated real time updates into its search results page. you might think what exactly is this real time results mean? Google partnered with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to provide search related real time results. The issue with Google’s real time results is that they will not appear for all the search terms and also real time results gets updated very fast with new information. Here is how the real time results looks like in Google Search Results.

How to Appear?

There is no information from Google on how they include your tweets or updates in real time results but after closely observing the behavior patterns, here are some things which may impact the Google real time results. You may want to try these to include your tweets and facebook updates into the real time results:

  1. Google will look for the followers of your account and analyse their messages, links to determine whether the tweet or message is a SPAM or genuine post.
  2. Google may index profiles of the users those are more retweeted than the other users who are discussing on the same topic and also if the user have more high authority followers, the chance of user messages appearing in the real time results will be higher.
  3. Google will analyse the information posted on your social media accounts and determine whether it is spam or genuine before it displays your tweets or facebook updates in real time results.

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Google Apps Vs Office 365

As the Cloud computing concept is evolving, IT majors like Google and Microsoft are competing aggressively in this space. As a partner for both the companies, IBEE can see there is lot of improvement needed in terms of technology and analysing customer needs with both the companies products. Here in this article i will try to evaluate the offerings of these products.

Google Apps
Google Apps comes as a packaged communication and collaboration solution with features like Email, Docs, IM, Calendar and Sites. Google Apps offers Standard, Premier, Education and Non-Profit versions with different pricing and features. However Standard and Education versions are Free and Premier version costs $50 per user per year, Non-Profit will get discount based on volumes. Features wise Premier, Education and non-profit versions are almost same and Standard Edition have only 7 GB storage vs 25 GB in Premier edition and Access to postini, SSO and other enterprise features are not available for standard edition.

As not many are opting for paid version, we need to wait and see how this will be a profitable venture for Google. For discounted Google Apps pricing click here

Microsoft BPOS
After seeing a good response for Google Apps in the market and Office share dropping down, Microsoft suddenly jumped into web based software business and reduced their on-premises BPOS prices and launched Microsoft office web apps in 2010. With this kind of immediate release there are lot of bugs with the control panel where the users and apps are managed. Microsoft BPOS is priced on a monthly basis as $10 per user and comes with Exchange Online Standard, Share Point Online Standard, Office Communication Online Standard, Live Meeting Standard.

For discounted Microsoft BPOS click here.

IBEE Solutions is a Microsoft BPOS and Google Apps reseller located in Hyderabad, India.


What is QR Code means?

This is something not similar to the topics we discussed earlier in this blog, IBEE Solutions has started supporting Mobile Application development. QR Code is something useful for Mobile users and for companies who wish to publicize their website URL (Domain Name) to reach Mobile users at ease.

QR Code is a 2D Matrix Bar Code which can be readable by Mobile Phones with camera, SmartPhones and QR Scanners. We can store Text, URL and other data into the QR Code in encoded format while retrieving the contents stored can be decoded at high speed, that is why it called QR (Quick Response).

QR codes can be used in Magazines, Sign boards, buses, business cards or any moving objects where users want to know more information about it. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR Code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone’s browser. This act of linking from physical world objects is known as a hardlink or physical world hyperlinks. Mobile Operating Systems like Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian are currently supporting this QR Codes.

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Instant Search with Google Live Now

From the desk of Google another enhancement as new search method today is Google Instant (IGOOGLE). This new search reflects as same as you type in search bar instantly. This instant search is proving that there is no limitation for our technology which helps in getting faster and better results.

Team Google is striving many ways to make the Google web search as more comprehensive platform.
Google is an ample directory of the web where it explores all the information in the web faster, better deeper and increases our index size, speed to teeming of web forms and to discover the links in J-Script.
Google is trying to return appropriate, significant and useful results to hundreds of people who work on improving their rankings. Google team is trying to improve our user search interface (UI) as well as to give faster and better results.

Where this feature is Located? And how to access to this feature?
This Google new feature (I Google) now live on homepage of google.com. And this feature is instantly displays the search results as you type words in the search box. If you wish to use Google classic version click the link next to Google’s search box that gives — “Instant is on” and turn it off. If you are using a slow net connection, it will automatically turn off this Google Instant for you.

Google Instant feature works for all on Firefox 3+, Safari 5+, IE 8 and Google Chrome 5+ and it is currently enabled only for desktops.

Benefits by using this Google instant feature is:

Fast Searching: By forecasting your search and it will show the results before you finish typing. Google Instant can save your time in a fraction of milliseconds per search.

Smart guessing: If you don’t know exactly which information you’re looking for, Google will help you by providing instant guide to your search.

Instant Results: Just start typing and get results appear before on your screen. Now there is no need to type full search term and hit and wait for return right results. Only type and results appear instantly as you type, and help you to the info which you require.

For more you can check Matt Cutts Blog


5% OFF on MailEnable Professional Edition License

MailEnable is a mail server software that provides a powerful, scalable hosted messaging platform for Microsoft Windows. MailEnable has four versions, in that standard version is free. As a partner of MailEnable, we offer 5% discount on purchase of Professional Edition licenses and Free assistance in installation and setup of the MailEnable software.

Below are some of the features of MailEnable Professional Edition:

  • Web mail module (AJAX)
  • Web administration module
  • POP/SMTP/IMAP4/HTTPMail services
  • Antivirus content scanning
  • Advanced spam and content filtering

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You can now register .co domain name extensions for your business from our website domain name registration page.

The prices for all Registrations will be 1300 INR per Year only!

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Completed Enabling Master Card Option !!

From past 3 years we are working on getting back allowing Master Card transactions in our website, due to strict norms and compliance issues it got delayed so long and now we announce “Master Card option is back”.

Now users can transact using Master Card in our Hosting website, we would like to introduce more payment options like Paypal, Google Checkout into our Billing systems in the near term.

More billing issues can be addressed at 1800-102-IBEE or mail to accounts@ibeehosting.com


Fundamental SEO Techniques

Learning SEO basic

The professional SEO experts can get some great results but they may not necessarily deliver the type of product that you are looking for. It is better for you to be in charge of the SEO arrangements for your website. That way you can regulate what goes in and hopefully what comes out. The process of learning about basic SEO is not so complicated that you would never harbor thoughts of doing it on your own. On the contrary there are many people that have been trained in this aspect of website maintenance and they have been pretty successful in their projects as a result of all this training. You should not sit back and leave the fate of your website to the gods when you could do some SEO to take it to the next level.

You might also like to think of the fact that the money that you spend on external SEO services may be used more effectively within the context of an overall investment strategy. If you have a young business there is no reason why you should spend money on things that you could do yourself. This is especially true given the different support mechanisms that are on the internet to help people that want to polish up their SEO skills. You should be part of the revolution and not just stand beside to wait for other signs to come your way.

The efforts that you put in when you are learning about SEO will be more than paid back when the traffic starts to increase on your website. Ideally one should be looking for organic SEO techniques. Even the search engines prefer that it is not blatantly clear that you are trying to manage the SEO processes by delivering different techniques. You should be working with diligence but also with care when it comes to SEO so that you are not trapped into the box of leaving the website largely unattended.

There are people that spend a lot of money on link buying in the hope that this will take them to the top of ranking. The advanced search engines such as Google will soon work out what you are trying to do. The consequences can be serious and you could even be banned from the search engine altogether. They would rather that you were getting links from the quality of your content.

It is very important to take note of the moves that are being made by your competitors if you are going to have an impact in the processes that you do. For example when they build links in a certain area then you need to build even better high quality links. That is how competitive SEO can become a learning experience. You learn about new methods through observing what other people in your area are doing. It is the ultimate test in your determination to overcome the challenges of the online market. The other alternative is to buy paid placement.